I believe that our job of as photographers is to be able to deliver great images regardless of the challenges ,and the people we work with. Not all subjects have a life of its own, often we have to create the mood for a shoot to be fun. This is particularly so when working with children of all age group. Some are temperamental, others hyper active and the rest might not be so interested standing in front of a strange photographer taking pictures. With all these obstacles, we have to make a successful and comfortable shoot. I’ve compiled some essential must have items which I bring along for shoots involving children. Comfort and safety would be my number one priority not only in building confidence with the child but also to assure the parents that I’m can control and can direct the shoot in a safe and comfortable manner. Here are some essential items for me.

1.  Spray on insecticide – I bring 2 types; the spray on and lotion type. I tell the parents to apply before and several times during the shoot.

2. Ground sheet – I carry a large one for which can seat all of us. I bring a smaller one for the child for when I need them to lay or seat on the ground. Usually, we will be like having a picnic and where I shoot the child is close to where the parents are seated.

3. Water – Stay hydrated, I bring along enough water for all of us throughout the shoot. More water will be in the car.

4. Wet wipes – For muddy conditions. Especially useful for cleaning dirty shoes, etc.

5. Ponchos –  A few disposable ones would come in handy when there’s a sudden downpour.

6. Battery operated fans – On hot days, I provide these to the children for them to cool off.

7. Small foldable tent – For a quick change of clothes in privacy.

I cannot stress enough that photographing children can be complex but if we take safety and comfort into consideration, it would make shooting a breeze. Happy kids = wonderful photos.

Till then … Happy shooting!