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A day out with the Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM Art Lens

January 7, 2017
Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM Art

I got my hands on the Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM Art, and what better way to bring it out in the real world and just shoot with it. Just for your info, this is the first time I’m using a Sigma lens on my Nikon body so I have no opinions what so ever prior to using this lens. One thing for sure is that I’ve heard many raving reviews regarding the Art lens from Sigma. Also, I would like to add a disclaimer that this post is not a lens vs lens nor is it a review, but rather, my honest thoughts of using this lens and shooting with it.

First impression

First thing I saw when I picked it up at the store was how slick the lens bag was. I’m always appreciative when care has been taken to package and store any lens properly. Inside, there’s foam where the lens seats nicely and a zipper cover. The lens though was something else, when I lifted it up it was heavy. One thing comes to mind when it’s this heavy is – it must have lot’s of glass or it must be really good as with most top of the line lenses. The built quality was really good, I mean visually looking at it, touching and feeling it in my hands felt good. The next surprise came when I opened the lens cover; the most bulbous front element I’ve ever seen. This thing was like one fine piece of beautiful glass staring at me and mine you, the Nikon 14-24mm is wide and I can’t wait to see how wide 12mm would be.

A little research

Prior to me trying out this lens, my knowledge was practically zero. So knowing me, I googled to find out more about what makes this lens pretty amazing. This is what I found out and these interests me – minimal distortion in its wide angle imagery, largest aspherical element which controls distortion, ghosting and flaring, an emphasis on edge to edge performance to bring out sharp and contrasty image and also, hyper sonic motor, FLD glass with performance equal to fluorite, blah blah blah.

Time to bring it out for a spin

Here are some photos taken with the Sigma. All was captured in raw. Everything was post-processed. The only thing I left out was sharpening. Trust me when I say, you don’t need the additional sharpening.


I left home early to get this sunrise. Info: 12mm f/8 3.0s


Singapore skyline at sunset. Info: 16mm f/22 1/40s


This is where the 12-24mm would excel, getting this whole shot in a single frame. Info: 12mm, f/8 2.0s, multiple image blending for light trails


12mm is power at your disposal when you need it. I got down low to get this single shot of the Marina Bay Sands in between this huge canopy. Info: 12mm f/9 1/640s

Final verdict

The Sigma 12-24mm f/4 HSM Art Lens is an impressive lens. Twelve mm is an extremely large wide focal length. Image wise, all came out with good contrast and sharpness from edge to edge. Where this lens would excel, is to use it as a landscape lens more than anything else. One downside is that it is a heavy lens. It would be good to add this lens as part of your workout regime. With that said, it would always be used with a tripod anyway. One advantage compared to the AF-S NIKKOR 14– 24mm f/2.8G ED or the Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM is the price. This lens is a bargain for its price point.

Thank you TKFoto for this lens. If you’re in Singapore, head over there to find a variety of camera products and photography equipment.


Nisi Filter System

October 24, 2015

Introducing to you my current gear setup for long exposure photography.

NiSi V3 holder (CPL included)
100mm x 100mm glass filters :-
NiSi IRND 10 stops filter
NiSi IRND 6 stops filter
NiSi IRGND 3 stops filter

In my experience, this configuration is sufficient for all kinds of long exposure photography. The CPL is indeed an added advantage to this setup. My initial tests provided outstanding results and I can’t wait to show you more of how good these IRND filters are.

Thanks to T K FOTO TECHNIC Singapore for the gear sponsor.