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Yana Chepurna

May 13, 2015
Yana Chepurna

Yana Chepurna

Yana Chepurna

Yana Chepurna

 Model – Yana Chepurna
Location – Roy Chuang Production
Stylist & HMUA – Beautyworks by Pippin Emerald
Camera – Nikon D750, 24-120mm f4
Equipment – Macbook Pro, Wacom tablet

I was surfing the Net and Facebook a few weeks ago– looking for inspiration and passing time. Man, not sure why but my newsfeed was filled with fashion and portraiture. I told myself, wouldn’t it be nice to do portraiture for a change – black and white, yes that would be nice.

Scrolled a little more and started reading a particular shoot. Hmm, interesting words; HMUA, MUA, stylist, manicurist, and wardrobe. Nah! Probably not! No contacts, no models, fashion label/ clothes and accessories. Spotted a nice black and white profile picture (probably that’s why it caught my eye, heh!). She goes by, Beautyworks by Pippin Emerald; Tina. Told myself, I’m going to compliment her for her beautiful work. We chatted for a while then I asked her about working together. Paused and I was hoping for a No. Jumped out of my chair when the answer was Yes! Surfed her timeline a few days later to find out she was MUA for Emily Soto workshops on two occasions. So it was a honour to work with her – which is great but added some pressure on me to perform.

So yeah, I got Tina from Beautyworks by Pippin Emerald to work together with me.Time to get to work now. Contacted a few models. Most were agreeable and liked the ideas but I had to choose one. Yana was the perfect choice; dark/ femme fatale look which fitted the concept. She’s totally the opposite in person once you get into conversation with her.

Day of the shoot. Got moral support from wifey. Asked her along to help pick some flowers. What do I know about flowers, models and makeup. Deep inside, I laughed and broke a sweat. The night before MUA surprised me with 3 outfits. Yay!


I lit Yana with a beauty dish. Just one light for the entire shoot. I just moved her front, back and turned her away to get between loop, rembrandt and split lighting. I’m a visual person who goes by feel rather than technicality but that’s the only way to describe the lighting I was aiming for.

I’m so impressed working with Yana. I really love her look and her ability to emote. Truly, I would love to work with her once again.

Post processing

The entire shoot was done with black seamless paper. I added textures in post. You can do pretty much any style once you have the pictures.

Finally, here are the photos. 3 looks in one session. Thank you so much to Tina, Yana and my supportive wife for the shoot.

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