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Frozen Grace – New series featuring a ballerina and long exposure photography

May 19, 2015
Frozen Grace

Frozen Grace

Frozen Grace

I found photos on my phone which I took in 2013 of this location. Pre-visualization came instantly like a flash – I wanted to added a human element within my long exposure photography. I figured what better way to portray a ballerina and then encapsulate all her gracefulness and motion in a long exposure – forever sealed in a moment where time stood still for that brief period. Through my tries and failures to get a suitable candidate, it took me another two years to finally achieve what I wanted.

Success takes time and not an overnight endeavour. To share your ideas and have somebody agree with your ideas is the beginning. To make a connection and then immortalize it in a photograph is priceless. I’m grateful for the opportunity and it was truly a pleasure to work with Sanna.

If you wish to see my series on ballerina Sanna Kaapola, head over here.

Design Stack recently did a short write-up and showcased some of my works soon after I finished this series. Thank you for the feature.


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