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Nisi Filter System

October 24, 2015

Introducing to you my current gear setup for long exposure photography.

NiSi V3 holder (CPL included)
100mm x 100mm glass filters :-
NiSi IRND 10 stops filter
NiSi IRND 6 stops filter
NiSi IRGND 3 stops filter

In my experience, this configuration is sufficient for all kinds of long exposure photography. The CPL is indeed an added advantage to this setup. My initial tests provided outstanding results and I can’t wait to show you more of how good these IRND filters are.

Thanks to T K FOTO TECHNIC Singapore for the gear sponsor.

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Frozen Grace – New series featuring a ballerina and long exposure photography

May 19, 2015
Frozen Grace

Frozen Grace

Frozen Grace

I found photos on my phone which I took in 2013 of this location. Pre-visualization came instantly like a flash – I wanted to added a human element within my long exposure photography. I figured what better way to portray a ballerina and then encapsulate all her gracefulness and motion in a long exposure – forever sealed in a moment where time stood still for that brief period. Through my tries and failures to get a suitable candidate, it took me another two years to finally achieve what I wanted.

Success takes time and not an overnight endeavour. To share your ideas and have somebody agree with your ideas is the beginning. To make a connection and then immortalize it in a photograph is priceless. I’m grateful for the opportunity and it was truly a pleasure to work with Sanna.

If you wish to see my series on ballerina Sanna Kaapola, head over here.

Design Stack recently did a short write-up and showcased some of my works soon after I finished this series. Thank you for the feature.